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I have been carrying the VP9 extensively with two holsters and thought I would post them. The first is a hybrid leather and kydex holster made by Bullseye Holsters in Orange Park, Florida. I pass their shop everyday at my current location where I am working and I stopped in with the VP9. The guys in the shop were great and whipped me up a couple of holsters for the VP9 on the spot. The one getting the most use is their hybrid tuckable IWB holster. I am normally not a fan of these, but this one is small, light, comfortable and easy on and off. This would be a great rig for some of the Shields and Glock 42's as well.

The next is a Armordillo X-Fer. This attaches to the pistol light. I was really skeptical on this concept, but it actually works great. You get the holster for the light you have and it works with any gun it's mounted to. This was for the X300 and is a loaner from a friend here, but I was so impressed I ordered one for the X300 and X300U that will be waiting for me when I get home. This makes carrying IWB with a pistol light totally workable and a great daily use rig.

Haven't got anymore range time in with the VP9, but I am getting solid dry practice time in every night. So far so good and the trigger is slicking up nicely. It has smoothed out a lot since day one. The Red HK Kool Aid is tasting great!

VP9 with X300We had a question in one of the other posts about use of a weapon mounted light on the HK VP9. Here you go. This is with the latest 500 lumen X300 Surefire Ultra. I found that the older X300 is a better fit with the size of the gun. I normally mount the Ultra's on my HK45 full size and P30L's. 

The extended front rail of the VP9 and the front of the trigger guard make a perfect match for the Surefire pistol lights in both fit and contour.

Well......after picking up our guns from Jackson Armory, our local HK dealer, today was the long awaited VP9 day at the range. All I can say is "WOW!" These things really are the new standard in a striker fired pistol. 

We started with a simple 30 round initiation on some 8" steel at ten yards. Painfully easy. We then jumped right in with the LAPD D Platoon "A " qualification-both Wayne and I shot 98%. I had one called flyer, or it would have been one of the best runs I have had on the course in years. Wayne shot a 5 shot group at ten yards into the NRA logo on our bull targets (photo below of the result). We then jumped in with a Vickers 300. The targets are also shown. This has always been a tough course for me due to all the single hand work. I was down 7, Wayne, only 3. 

We did some 50 yard work on the 8" steel that became boringly easy. Wayne was so bored with ringing the target that he started working one handed. That was not much of an issue, so he switched to support hand only at 50.......shown in the photo, he center whacked the target just after the picture was taken. 

We shot a lot, with a lot of different ammunition. There were no malfunctions of any kind. The only "issue" was losing the left side cocking support on my gun at round #28 (Federal 9mm HST). In a funny way, I was looking at the gun last night thinking that I would like that side removed and flat and the cocking support only on the right side. I just didn't expect it to happen on its own. The test of HK Customer Service......."we'll have a return tag out immediately". Yea, there is that "terrible HK customer service". I think people will find that the one area where HK has done stellar work is "fixing" the customer service side of the house. I have not had an issue with them in the last decade. 

On the positive side, these things flat shoot. Wayne and I have both been gone for the last month or more with other work. We were both very rusty, and I have not shot since our last class. To come in totally cold on a new platform, I could not be happier. The trigger is set up in a way that is almost a duplicate in feel for how I have my Glock triggers modified. I like them and it was easy to get used to. Not too light, not too heavy, and a good feel for a service trigger. Mine had a little but of a gritty feel in reset, but it shot better than a couple of the other VP9's that were out there with another shooter. When it goes back for the cocking support, I ll mention it. The only time I noticed was on the real slow reset when working at 50. 

Stay tuned.....more to come.

Stealth and VP9Happy Independence Day from the HiTS Team.

Thought it would be a good time to pass on a couple items from our pal Joe Watson at CenTex Knives who do our HiTS knives. I just got a prototype of a new hideout blade from Joe we are calling The Stealth. It is Titanium, small, light, the grip works efficiently in all grips and has some very aggressive blade geometry. It is a great little knife.

Joe also sent out a picture of his new HK VP9 with a ten shot 25 yard group with 124 gr. Speer ammunition. Quote...."This thing is stupid accurate". Joe will be running an IDPA Match this weekend with it and we wish him luck. 

Lastly, keep our military personnel in your prayers tonight as you watch fireworks and enjoy a picnic. They are why you can. Having spent the last month on an Army base, I am humbled by the sacrifices of our soldiers and their families to serve their country. Many don't appreciate them or simply pay lip service to them. Let's take a moment to make sure we think about those soldiers and public safety folks who are working today, and everyday, to keep our families safe.

Louis Awerbuck

Sadly we lost a true tower of the training world. Louis Awerbuck was one of the great thinkers of our time and influenced many of us on how to train. He was also a gift to those of us who spent a lot of time hunting criminals with shotguns. He will be greatly missed. RIP Sir, and Godspeed.


Friday, October 03, 2014 9:00 AM - Sunday, October 05, 2014 6:00 PM (Central Time)


Dallas Pistol Club
1830 W. Beltline
Carrolton, Texas 75006
United States


Rangemaster ​Three-Day ​Firearms ​Instructor ​ 

Development ​& ​Certification ​Course ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 

Friday ​through ​Sunday, ​9am-6pm ​each ​day 

This ​is ​an ​intensive ​full ​three ​day ​(24 ​hours ​total) ​course ​that ​teaches ​candidates: 

 ​ ​ ​modern ​adult ​learning ​theory; 
 ​ ​ ​preparation, ​delivery, ​and ​documentation ​of ​training; 
 ​ ​ ​development ​of ​training ​aids, ​including ​power ​points ​and ​others; 
 ​ ​ ​coaching ​methodologies, ​diagnosing ​and ​correcting ​shooters’ ​errors; 
 ​ ​ ​modern, ​effective ​gunhandling ​techniques, ​designed ​to ​work ​under ​stress; 
 ​ ​ ​proper ​handling/operation ​of ​a ​variety ​of ​handgun ​types; ​and 
 ​ ​ ​effective, ​efficient ​combat ​marksmanship ​techniques. 

The ​course ​time ​is ​divided ​about ​equally ​between ​classroom ​sessions ​and ​range ​firing, ​and ​each ​student ​will ​fire ​approximately ​1,000 ​rounds ​of ​ammunition. ​Students ​will ​act ​as ​coaches ​for ​other ​students, ​and ​each ​will ​be ​coached ​extensively ​in ​turn. ​ ​Students ​also ​receive ​a ​200 ​page ​training ​manual, ​which ​is ​a ​valuable ​information ​and ​reference ​resource. ​ ​To ​graduate ​from ​this ​course, ​students ​must ​pass ​a ​shooting ​qualification, ​pass ​a ​written ​examination, ​and ​conduct ​a ​brief ​presentation ​in ​the ​classroom ​on ​an ​assigned ​topic. ​This ​course ​satisfies ​the ​training ​requirements ​for ​the ​Tennessee ​Department ​of ​Safety ​to ​become ​a ​State ​Certified ​Handgun ​Instructor ​and ​the ​Oklahoma ​CLEET ​requirements ​to ​become ​an ​OK ​SDA ​Instructor. ​It ​is ​recognized ​for ​24 ​hours ​of ​continuing ​education ​credit ​for ​law ​enforcement ​in ​South ​Carolina ​by ​SCCJA. 

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Well the secret is out. The Heckler and Koch VP9 9mm striker fired service pistol is official. We are very excited to see this come to market. We are planning to wring them out hard when they become available for purchase. Stay tuned.

For those looking for HiTS knives, Blueline gear is the retail source for them. Ryan from Blue Line Gear is a longtime friend and is highly recommended for your gear needs. The HiTS knives and other Joe Watson blades are in the new products section. They will also be debuting with Blue Line Gear at Blade Show. Great products from solid folks.

Well, its been a long week for retro gun work in the HiTS bunker.

Darryl loves the 3 1/2" S&W Model 27/ .357 Magnum as "the best looking handgun ever made". It probably comes from his Darryl's first memory of a movie was "Patton" at the drive-in as a small boy. Well, DB was a pest at his favorite gun shop, Jackson Armory in Dallas all week. The investment grade revolver. If you are looking for investment grade guns, Jackson Armory is a candy store of awesome. After a hours of annoying the staff in total indecisiveness between a Nickel Pre 27 .357 with real Ivory grips, or a fully Weldon Bledsoe engraved Model 10-5 that was a Texas Ranger gun, DB went with his heart. The Pre 27 will be sent out for full engraving at some point and a custom Hank Sloan style holster, but for now......the pride of ownership is deep in the bunker. Thanks to Kevin and Doc at Jackson Armory for making it happen.