Written by  2014-12-12


Today's post is about being hard on yourself. Wayne and I have not shot since the VP9 class. We went out today, and were definitely rusty.

We did our normal stuff, and I redid several drills till I got it right. Eventually, things came to together, especially doing drills I hate doing like the Vickers 300 (289 Darryl, 296 Wayne). On a good note, I did some work with my revolvers. I took my competition 686 to verify its new C&S Fiber Optic front sight. It is the gun I spend the most time with dry work on. Finally, at the end of the day, things felt normal. We decided to finish at 50 yards.......and did really well. We pushed hard at the end with each of shooting our last 10 rounds on the 10" plate at 100 yards. We tied with 7 hits each. Not bad for a couple rusty old guys.

The point is that even if you get a rough or bad start while you are training, push through and figure out what is wrong. Once you get it fixed, push harder and make yourself embrace those fundamentals.


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