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Our long awaited training alliance between 5.11, Steve Tarani, The Frisco Gun Club and HiTS is finally a go. The first course will be an Improvised Weapons class at Frisco Gun Club in Frisco, Texas on March 7-8th 2015.

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Course Catalog

  • Basic Pistol Basic Pistol

    This is a safety and basic fundamental class geared towards new firearm owners and those with no formal training.  This is a non-stress course intended to provide a safe, family friendly atmosphere to learn.

  • First Responder Pistol First Responder Pistol

    This is our signature class.  It is designed to provide the first responders and well trained citizens with the tools necessary to prevail in all aspects of a lethal force encounter.  This class will be run with a 360-degree hot range mentality, and safety is paramount.  A majority of the course will focus on surgical shooting within the critical two-second window.  We will cover the entire Combat Triad of Mindset, Marksmanship and Gun Handling as equal parts.  Threat evaluation skills will also be heavily emphasized.

  • First Responder Advanced Pistol First Responder Advanced Pistol

    First Responder Pistol is a required prerequisite for this class.

    This course will test students with more difficult training evolutions to use the skills gained in the First Responder Pistol Course.  This will include single hand shooting, injured officer drills, extensive movement, and other advanced gun handling skills.

  • First Responder Shotgun First Responder Shotgun

    This class is designed to provide the necessary skills for not only effectively operating the 12 gauge Shotgun, but to address the specific handling skills for running it in indoors and in confined spaces as well as in traditional roles.  It is a class to enhance the skills of those already trained in the basic operation of the 12-gauge Shotgun.

  • Low Light Pistol Low Light Pistol

    This course is designed as an “add-on” course for facilities that allow for low light shooting.  It will allow shooters to utilize the techniques taught by HiTS to be shot in actual low light conditions.  HiTS teaches both hand-held and weapon mounted light techniques used in conjunction with one another.

  • Law Enforcement Patrol Marksman Law Enforcement Patrol Marksman

    This course is designed to give patrol officers the necessary skills to make precision shots in difficult situations.  It is designed to allow first on scene patrol officers the skills needed to make emergency surgical shots, if needed, in situations where a SWAT sniper is not available or on scene.  This course is designed to enhance a first responder’s skills and abilities and not as a replacement for specially trained SWAT snipers and marksman.

  • Law Enforcement Instructor Development Law Enforcement Instructor Development

    This course is designed to provide tools and strategies to law enforcement firearms instructors that will enable them to develop and deliver solid and fundamentally based training.  This training will be specifically relevant to the law enforcement mission.  We will provide the necessary skills for instructors to train their officers with techniques and tactics that are realistic to the actual street situations they face daily.  It is a system based on safe gun handling in a 360-degree world.  We will also address remediation training for problem shooters, and skill building drills and exercises to allow for better performance across the board.  This course will be an excellent opportunity for agency instructors to critically evaluate their programs, and to address if they are truly meeting the needs of their officers to win lethal force encounters, while using highly defensible standards and practices.

  • Law Enforcement Red Dot Carbine Instructor Law Enforcement Red Dot Carbine Instructor

    This course is designed for law enforcement agency firearms instructors on how to instruct and teach the use of red dot sights on duty weapons.  It is geared towards agencies that have purchased or authorized red dot sights to equip their instructors with the skills and knowledge necessary for a seamless transition to modern sighting systems.

  • Law Enforcement Vehicle Take Downs Law Enforcement Vehicle Take Downs

    This course law enforcement/military restricted class wholly focuses on dealing with the complexities of handling suspects in vehicles, and the tactics and skills necessary to manage vehicle based scenarios.