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She waved from side to side and her udders softly slapped my hardened trunk. She masturbated my firmness with her puffies. I yelled and bellowed my delectation. spurts of pre-spunk splooge formed. She wiped my pre-jizm with her puffies, aid and forward. "Mmmm I be satisfied your restful pre-spunk on my puffies, abolish you? create you relish how it perceives? conclude you adore your composed pre-cum on my stiff nips?"

"Yes, oh yes I enact"

"implement you want to eat the pre-spunk off my puffies, conclude you want to Put that?"

" Yes I want that." I said quaking.

She touched her nips all over my running in streams humidity, then she crawled up and draped her cupcakes over my face.

"get you want to slurp it now? Say it."

"Yes I want to taste it, I want to taste my preseminal fluid from your stiff nips." I said as her moist glossy nip dangled over my face.

"Say sate, let me taste my pre-jizm."

"sate, let me teens taste my pre-jizm. "

"highly well, you may," she said as she lowered her steaming raw nip to my gullet. I munched my pre-cum and deep-throated her nip into my throat relishing the taste.

"earn you devour it."

"Yes, I cherish it." I said

"discontinuance you want to taste more?"

"Yes satisfy." I said, sparkling my bone was pulsating and cascading.

She brought both udders attend to my stud meat and humid them again, and brought them attend to my jaws.

The next moment, she straddled me again, and checked my restrict bondage's for tightness. I could undoubtedly not inch my forearms or my gams.

"pause you know what I read recently?"

"No, what?"

"I read a narrative that you posted online. It was called 'Feed me'."

I gawped blankly,I'd forgotten that she read my Literotica stories occasionally peculiarly this one.

"Uhhh yes well..."

"enact you reminisce writing the anecdote, enact you reminisce what it was about?" As she questioned me, she was drilling her start coochie over the head and stud-meat of my beef whistle.

"Yes, I reminisce."

"It was about a fellow and his wife, how she oil ass inhaled him, and pummeled him, and how he wished to slurp her after he came inwards her. attain you reminisce that? abolish you reminisce that he slurped and fellated his jizm out of her start reduce?"

"Uhhh...Yes. bffs scene 1. ..I reminisce, but it was a fable that I made up, I don't truly...."

"Shhh...." she said. You unprejudiced gobbled and gargled the pre-jism off of my nips didn't you? Didn't you want that, didn't you like it?"
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