Course Reviews

SWAT MagazineHere at HiTS, we're dedicated to providing the knowledge and skills to prevail against deadly threats.  Don't take our word for it, though. See what students, publications - including SWAT magazine - and even other instructors have to say about our training classes.

Wayne and Darryl have a wealth of experience and knowledge and as importantly, they know how to convey it to students. The drills were challenging and thought provoking and I was never bored throughout two long, productive training days. I strongly recommend their training, regardless of your current skill level.

-Tom Givens, Rangemaster Firearms Training Services

First Responder Pistol Review

The first offering from HiTS reinforced my opinion that the company will become one of the primary purveyors for those who seek real and effective training. I am anxious to see how the already-effective POI for First Responder Pistol evolves as Wayne and Darryl continue to refine their technique. I would recommend HiTS and this course to anyone without hesitation.

A good friend asked me last night if it would be a good course for a “tune-up”. I told him it would be a good course for an anything. Both instructors have the background and ability to teach the subject matter and do so at a high level. They also acknowledge those who have trained them and are without hubris. Wayne and Darryl are an absolute pleasure to learn from. I will be back for as long as they will let me.

Basic Pistol Review

Verdict: I am very happy with the money and especially the time I spent. I have taken three other basic pistol classes from other instructors. I did another CHL refresher the weekend before, with some basic pistol thrown in. This was definitely the best of the four classes. I will be taking their First Responder pistol class next year, as soon as I can arrange the time.

First Responder Shotgun Review

Verdict: I’m definitely a better shotgunner from this class. I have more skills with my 870 and ammo. I have better confidence in my ability to place a slug into a chest or forehead at distance. It’s not my primary home defense tool, or even my secondary HD tool. But it’s specialist weapon, fitting a specific, specialized role. And I know how to better utilize it in that role. Money well spent.

Close Quarters Pistol Review

Final thoughts: This was a thinking class, not a “turn ammo into noise” class. It showed, too. When we ran the final drill of the day, some people’s accuracy had begun to drop off. The wheels came off my shooting on the final walk-back drill we did. But that is good – I learned again how much shooting I can do in a day, with that much mental decision-making. The length of class and round count were a very good choice each day, in order to reinforce the right lessons.